I was born in 1982 in Tapa Estonia. My parents had to leave the Soviet dictatorship for political reasons. I spent my childhood and youth in Southern Germany. After school I trained as a lifeguard and swimming instructor.

Because of an allergy to chlorinated water I worked as a freelance technician for film and tv shows for a long time. After the payment got worse in film and tv, I worked as a security guard. I got bored working as a security guard so I took a job as a video editor for an online newspaper. I quit because the newspaper had a conservative view of the world that I could not take responsibility for. After that I emigrated to Portugal. Unfortunately I had to stop my new life there because of my chlorine allergy.

Since I am back in Germany, I have been working as an event technician for fairs, festivals and concerts. Mainly I have been working in the field of light engineering and stage engineering. The chorona crisis has destroyed all my jobs. I am now forced to quit my business and find something new that gives me meaning in life.

5 years ago i inherited a garden from my grandfather. Since then I have been involved in organic gardening and have studied several books on permaculture. Together with some friends in frankfurt I founded an association for the promotion of permaculture gardening.

We have created a venue for educational work and a three-zone permaculture garden. we give lectures on the topic and try to convince allotment gardeners and farmers to become nature-oriented gardeners. I am very interested in applying all my knowledge in the field of permaculture and creating more gardens. I find the work with the workhorses very interesting. It would complement each other perfectly if I could use the horses as an organic tractor for my garden projects. Therefore I am very interested in learning all about it.