Food Forest

Food Forest is forestgarden where edible planting of plants will copy the natural ecosystem and natural patterns.

Food Forest is like real forest, reaching up to the sky, than reaching underground. Here is all forest fronts or layers – high tree layer (Juglans Regia), low tree layer (Malus Domestica), bush layer (Ribes nigrum), shrub layer (Vaccinium Myrtillus), herb layer (Allium Ursinum), moss layer (Cetraria Islandica). Some would like to add on the moss layer also mycelial layer (mushrooms) and in bush layer also vertical layer (climbing plants). In addition, the Food Forest also has a root layer (vegetable).

Acting like this will fit in one area more plants, insects and animals, who all toghether will create healthy and working ecosystem.

Project: Pond

We have started with the wetland area. This corner of the foodforest is really wet. But it have no acceess to it. In the spring we was taking water from the dich but it dried up in the summer. We have 8 hectare in this area total but no water source. Right now we have…

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Blue Peacock on Green Grass

Project: Poultry Yard

This project is in it starting point. We are planning a poultry yard with 100 ducks , 50 gooses (we have not decided what breed they will be), 20 , 30 and 3 . We have possibility to take also some another bird breeds, but we will start with them. We are planning to build…

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Cherry tree blooming

Project: Tsirgumäe Food Forest

The beginning  It all started when Aurora saw the first light of Mother Gaia – born in Northern Norway, her favourite food was berries and fruits. But in this place was impossible to grow something nutritious for her. Of course, people had their greenhouses, and everything is possible, when you try hard enough, but for…

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Anyone who plants a tree has not lived in vain

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