Project: Poultry Yard

This project is in it starting point. We are planning a poultry yard with 100 ducks khaki campell, 50 gooses (we have not decided what breed they will be), 20 guineafowl, 30 silkies and 3 peafowl. We have possibility to take also some another bird breeds, but we will start with them.

Poultry yard plan

We are planning to build 500m2 closed area, which is predator proof. Inside this area, there will be bird house for chickens and peacocks; for ducks and gooses we build shelter. The area is going to be connected to the pond, where ducks can enjoy nature. Another side of the bird area will be opened for fields. We have plan to let ducks to agroforestry daytime. Also, we are planning to use birds on field pens (“chicken tractor”) to fertilize and prepare land. 

We increase the number of our birds only by natural incubation way. Beside growing them for meat, they also produce eggs, and we use feathers as well, which we sell in the market or Eliise will make pillows out of them. 

In future agroforest we plan to grow mostly food for our birds – we have about 1-hectare land for it; there will be rows of corn-squash-bean permaculture beds between apple and apricot trees. 

We are growing our birds in a natural condition as possible. No incubators, no chemical substances and only organic food! Our birds have all what they need to be happy and healthy.

Total cost of the poultry yard will be 7800 euros.