Baron Bernhard Reinhold von Dellwig (1711–1770)

Bengt Klasson Horn owns the Mansion until the year 1745 when Empress of Russia the Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great gave the mansion to the Bengt Klasson Horn granddaughter Catharina Regina Hornile and her husband Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig. Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig was working for Schleswig-Holstein as a “Kindralfeldmarssal”.
Before this date Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig history is not so nice. From the old chroniclers  we can read about him.
Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig who was the Swedish cavalry officer. Unfortunately, hes beautiful warrior career ended unhappily. He was listed in 1723 for embezzling numerous clothing parcels from his regiment. The General Court of War convinced him of a number of irregularities in connection with this, he had sold trust notes, trust horses and grain for «good money» but handed in the payment in coins. He was sentenced Oct. 15. 1723 to large compensation amounts and to lose his life, but was spared. By mercy for previous merits from the life sentence. However, he would be taken to Bohus Fortress and sit there, until he cleared all wrongs with the regiment; his movable and immovable property was sequestrated and sold.
He escaped to Norway. 1724 in Fredrikshald he begged for mercy. He was allowed to return on hire to try to sort out his business, but was now completely destitute and applied to visit Livonia to look after his wife’s property there. What was Taheva Mansion.