Mansion is mentioned first time 1627

Taywaküll (“heaven” + “village”) is a common variant in folklore.
Taheva’s name appears in historical sources in the 16th century as a place and village name: 1541 (Wacke) Tayewes, 1551 Tayuen, Tayues, 1582 Thaiwenkul, 1627 Taywa, 1688 Taiwola, Taiwula, 1711 Taiwala and as a manor name 1782 Taiwola, 1826 Taiwola, 1909 Taiwola or Taheva manor. In addition, an undated record by Taywaküll (Rev 1624/27: 97; Uustalu 1972: 131–132).
It is believed that the name is based on an appeal to the taival ~ taipale (Tarvel 1975), which in Finnish means “the distance between two places, road, distance” or “itinerary, journey, hike, trip”, also “‘higher place between waters”. An earlier meaning may also have been “a turning or branching point in the landscape” (SSA: taipale). The latter meaning fits well with Taheva’s name. Just near Taheva, the Mustjõgi River flows into the Koiva River. This waterway to Riga has been running for a long time and for another XX century.