Birth of Taheva Mansion

This is the map from year 1905. Inside yellow area are the buildings what we own and location of the main building marked with a red circle. The Estonian Historical Archives does not contain data on the building of the manor before 1867. In year 1867 there is written evidence…

Hermann Maximilian von Wulf (1865-1923)

After Eduard teath in year 1900 the mansion went to hes son Hermann Maximilian von Wulf. The price of the mansion was 168 000 ruble.

Bernhard Karl von Wulf (1783-1844)

In 1813 Koskul pledged the manor to Bernhard Karl von Wulf, the ambassador, in 1821 the manor became the property of Wulf for 49 500 silver ruble. 

Eduard Theodor von Wulf (1823-1900)

1844 Eduard Theodor von Wulf, the youngest son of Wulf, inherited the manor and married Elisabeth Charlotte von Styrk from Tihemets in 1850. He was the mansion owner over 50 years.

Gottlieb Heinrich Theodor von Koskull (1774-1834)

In the year 1808 Karl Georg von Koskull pledged the mansion on his brother Gottlieb Heinrich Theodor von Koskull with the price 80 000 silver ruble.

Karl Georg von Koskull (1770-1820)

In the year 1805 after Karl Reinhold von Koskull death the mansion went to Karl Georg von Koskull. The price of the deal is 70 000 silver rubles.

Karl Reinhold von Koskull (1731-1804)

Portrait of Karl Reinhold von Koskull. Painting by Michael Ludwig Claus, 1766. Axel Wilhelm von Delwig sold the Mansion to Karl Reinhold von Koskull in the year 1786. The price was 47 500 silver ruble.

Axel Wilhelm von Delwig (1749-1797)

In the year 1780 after heritage sharing contract the mansion finally went to Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig sun to Axel Wilhelm von Delwig. He was not the best owner. Locals was calling him „cruel major“

Baron Bernhard Reinhold von Dellwig (1711–1770)

Bengt Klasson Horn owns the Mansion until the year 1745 when Empress of Russia the Elizabeth Petrovna, daughter of Peter the Great gave the mansion to the Bengt Klasson Horn granddaughter Catharina Regina Hornile and her husband Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig. Bernhard Reinhold von Delwig was working for Schleswig-Holstein as…

1700-1710 Great Northern War

Portrait of Peter I of Russia. Oil on canvas. Artist Jean-Marc Nattier, 1717, detail. 1700-1710 was the area part of Great Northern War. Around 1704 war was over in Taheva and the mansion went under Tsardom of Russia.