Russo-Swedish War (1656–1658)

The year 1656-1658 was Russo-Swedish war. Outcome was Liivimaa. Liivimaa also called Livonia was biggest territorial area in Baltic country area known now.

Bengt Klasson Horn (1623-1678)

Bengt Klasson Horn with Margaretha Sparre and Ingeborg Banér. David Klöcker in Ehrenstrahl’s painting from 1675. In the year 1663 the mansion went under Bengt Klasson Horn. He got the mansion because he married with Margareta Sparre who was the daughter of Märta Banér.

Baron Axel Gustafsson Banér (1594-1642)

  Until 1800 was mansion Under the Vastse-Roosa mansion. Records from this time are little. We know there was war between Swedish king and Polish king in this areas. In the year 1629 the war was over and all the area went Under Swedish control. This time is called in…

Mansion is mentioned first time 1627

Taywaküll (“heaven” + “village”) is a common variant in folklore. Taheva’s name appears in historical sources in the 16th century as a place and village name: 1541 (Wacke) Tayewes, 1551 Tayuen, Tayues, 1582 Thaiwenkul, 1627 Taywa, 1688 Taiwola, Taiwula, 1711 Taiwala and as a manor name 1782 Taiwola, 1826 Taiwola,…